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As part of our responsible breeding policy dogs and puppies for sale section has been taken offline for the Christmas period.
Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and not one that should be taken lightly so we do not support the buying or giving of puppies as presents.
We are currenlty developing a new system for buying and selling dogs and puppies in accordance with new rules we are adopting so check back for further developments in the new year.

The Sniffa Showcase is our all new promotional facility where you can showcase your cause or business in a video presentation. What better way to promote your message than on homepage in video format. You'll also get a link to your Sniffa site or your own external website. Add your video to your Sniffa Site and submit your feature details through our contact page.

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A Super Sniffa badge is awarded to Sniffas who go the extra mile in creating an in-depth and regularly updated Sniffa Site. They will have typically have a full profile, they're avid users, have uploaded videos, left scents and have lots of pals. Get working on your site, keep it regularly updated and maybe other Sniffas will vote for you to be the proud owner of a "Super Sniffa" badge!