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  • Sniffa Vizsla
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  • Here are some items of food I know/think could be dangerous for dogs to eat. Anybody disagree or know any others?

    Fish bones
    Chocolate / caffeine
    Grapes and raisins

    Sniffa Vizsla
    Posted 23/11/2009 17:07

  • Sniff 1 Posted 25/11/2009 16:00

  • Hands On Paws
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  • Avocados

    Mushrooms are fine if the dog likes them, obviously some kinds of wild mushroom or toadstools are bad but general button mushrooms should be ok. And fish bones, i guess that means cooked bones which the same applies for any kind of cooked bones, they are bad. Raw however, perfectly safe

    Hands On Paws

  • Sniff 2 Posted 26/11/2009 11:47

  • Sniffa Vizsla
    Sniffa Since Apr 09Super SniffaDog Owner
  • I thought fish bones because they are small and could get caught in the throat. That goes for all animals I suppose, not just dogs. Probably depends on the fish aswell!

    Sniffa Vizsla
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  • Sniff 3 Posted 27/11/2009 13:34

  • Walter Fred
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  • Yes - onions and garlic! I make a bit stew up for the dogs every week and mix into the hard stuff and was thinking garlic would be great for health and fleas and breath etc and they both got really lethargic and 'off' and I looked it up and sure enough, garlic is poisonous!

    Walter Fred
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  • Sniff 4 Posted 27/11/2009 15:21

  • Nanuq
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  • I didn't realise garlic was toxic, but just looked it up and it's toxic for the same reason onions are.... strange our dog trainer told us to put in in food because she thought it was good for him!

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  • Sniff 5 Posted 27/11/2009 16:08

  • Hands On Paws
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  • Garlic is fine, I feed garlic once a week, a clove grated. It has antibiotic and antiseptic properties, if fed in small amounts its perfectly ok :-)

    Hands On Paws
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  • Sniff 6 Posted 25/01/2010 19:39

  • sonnysgirl
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  • can i just say, i've had a dog all my life, and we've always given them chocolate now and then and it never did them any harm.

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  • Sniff 7 Posted 29/07/2010 21:18

  • wellie29
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  • I always give my dogs Garlic tablets as they can work alongside Flea & Tick drops as a repellent, the only downside is the smelly Garlic breath.
    What is no good for one dog might not necessarily affect another dog (sorry cant spell) my old beagle used to love Raw Onion & the occasional grape, never did her any harm at all.


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