• The Scent ... Bones and Raw Food (BARF)

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  • Wouldn't be a dog forum without a discussion about this!
    What are your thoughts? I know this type of feeding won't be for everyone but it works very well for Tal and I.
    I feed Tal a mixture of dry and raw food which he loves and we've never had a problem with feeding him. He's 5 years old and is very healthy, has a great coat and still sometimes gets mistaken for a puppy!
    I mix up the raw food so sometimes he'll have tripe, sometimes minced meat and other times chicken or turkey necks.
    We buy the food in bulk and we have a freezer in the shed for the raw food and some wheelie bins for the dry food. There's a company that delivers in our area every Thursday and we place an order of about £60 every three months so it costs us about 65p a day to feed him. The minced meat and tripe come conveniently packed in 450g packets so we can just take out 1 a day to defrost overnight.
    The cons to this type of feeding are the smell (tripe smells bad) and the flies it attracts in the summer. We have to keep the bowl covered up after he's finished with it because the flies love to lay their eggs in there and it also attracts slugs.
    Overall though I think it's a great way to feed and very beneficial to the dog.

    Sniffa Vizsla
    Posted 01/12/2009 10:25

  • Sniff 1 Posted 01/12/2009 18:13

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  • I feed a diet which is basically, a mixture of raw/homecooked/natural breed specific! It doesn't really abbreviate lol!

    I would never go back to commercial foods, once you know whats in them and how easy it is to feed other ways, i just don't see how people can do it. Im a passionate advocate of natural feeding!

    Hands On Paws

  • Sniff 2 Posted 06/01/2010 22:19

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  • I think this is a great post. I am currently doing an series of articles on my own blog on my website. about Pet nurtition. I have a few more items to go but I spoke about the pros and cons of both kibble and/or raw diets. I am glad that you guys have included this topic. I love what a raw diet does for my dogs. There are so much additives in commercial diets that I have had dogs go way down hill in the past. I have best success on Raw or BARF diets. For my pups, I use the closest to natural form of kibble that can be found (that's easy to use) for them because of convienance for their new owners.

    But my most memorial result of a raw diet was when a new mother whom stressed out so much that she just dropped at least 25 pounds from her normal pre-pregnancy weight. We tried de-worming with no results. We were worried initially about whip worm. We weaned her off the pups early and started her on a Raw diet and had her, within a week, gain back almost half of what she was down. What an improvement almost immediately.

    Hope we can get more discussion on this topic in the future.


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  • Sniff 3 Posted 21/01/2010 13:29

  • boldraw
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  • Hi guys,

    I'm new here, but am a huge proponent of raw. So much so, that I left the corporate world and started my own raw business to help promote the diet and to help dispel many of the myths associated with raw - many of which are created by the pet food industry which obviously has stakes to protect.

    We feed our entire pack of 6 shiloh shepherds raw, our litters are weened on raw starting at 4 weeks of age, and advocate the use a of raw natural diet.

    Unlike some, I'm not a raw nazi with strict viewpoints over the type of raw program you follow, or whether supplements/veggies/fruits etc should or should not be added, but rather encourage owners to do what they feel right and comfortable with.

    If some want to alternate raw and kibble meals, cool - at least there's some raw in there. If some want to add fruits and veggies into their raw, cool - at least your dog is getting raw meats.

    Please feel free to check out some of the articles on raw at our blog ( or our facebook page (

    It's a great topic started here, and hopefully the discussion continues. It's an incredibly important topic.

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  • Sniff 4 Posted 21/01/2010 17:20

  • Hands On Paws
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  • Great post Boldraw, i agree with everything you said.

    And Shiloh shepherds?! I would LOVE a Shiloh shep, although i think they're more well known as King Shepherds in the UK. And they all get raw, it just gets better, i like nothing better than seeing a big dog with a bone! :-)

    Hands On Paws
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  • Sniff 5 Posted 22/01/2010 14:28

  • boldraw
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  • Thanks Hand on Paws :)

    Yes, we have a pack of six Shiloh's, and do a few breeding a year as a passion. They're really wonderful. And as I sit here with my morning coffee on the laptop, I have 5 of them lying all around me lol.

    Without hijacking the thread, the King actually came from the same foundation lines as the Shilohs, and they only split off a few years back. I could show some pedigrees that will show where the split happened (eg here is one King pedigree and here is one of my pack

    They all get raw, and out litters start on raw at 4 weeks of age.

    I actually just took our first pup to Amsterdam a few months ago, then spend some time in Scotland with friends. The UK import laws are a bit different than some of the EU law which allow me to take in an under 12 week old un-vaccinated for rabies puppy without a quarantine. Hopefully things will change as we have some friends in the UK that desperately want to bring some Shiloh's into the country.

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  • Sniff 6 Posted 28/10/2010 16:16

  • spitz
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  • I have fed raw diet for 20 + years my dogs are fit and healthy, coats gleam, no problems with toilets, I have now found a source that adds fruit, veg, oil, kelp so no longer have do it, dogs love it and it comes frozen, I too have a 'dog' freezer so buy in bulk (no chance of running out) they also have chicken wings which they all love, my 14 year old still goes for a run with the others, though if it's more than a 3 mile hike he does get a bit tired.
    Just thought I might add, that on the breed discription the German Spitz - Grooming not considerable coat very easy to care for, and exercise is considerable they may not be very big, but believe me they will go all day running and swimming any exercise in fact. not for the couch potato, also they were bred as watch dogs not guard dogs, though letting you know someone is around will let anyone in the house lol


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