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  • Have a read of this article on the BBC website and let me know what you think.

    Under new proposals by ministers in the UK all dog owners would have to take out insurance against their dogs attacking somone.

    In my opinion forcing all dog owners to insure against dog attacks is penalising the majority for the acts of a very very small minority and smacks of being another stealth tax.
    There are over 7 million dogs in the UK and the vast majority of owners are responsible and have dogs that have never and will never attack anyone.
    The current law on dangerous is completely inept and was thought up in haste and by people (Ken Baker in particular) who have little understanding of dogs. The law focuses on particular breeds or types of dog whereas the real problem lies with the owner. Any dog can be a dangerous dog with the wrong owner so the only effective way of controlling dangerous dogs is to control dog owners.
    Forcing owners to pay an insurance tax is like giving people who want to own a dangerous dog the green light and telling them it's OK if your dog attacks someone because it's covered by insurance.
    The only way to effectively control dangerous dogs is by targetting their owners and until the focus of the law is changed the problem will never improve.

    Sniffa Vizsla
    Posted 09/03/2010 08:07

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