Welcome to Alpha Dog Behaviour

Nick Jones MCFBA is a full time dog behaviourist and runs Alpha Dog Behaviour covering the Midlands and throughout the UK. Nick can help you better understand your dog's behaviour, and to resolve issues that may be making life difficult for you and your family. 

Visits are in your own home, to address issues ranging from puppy visits to aggression towards other dogs or people.
In between you may be experiencing issues such as dog aggression, jumping up, pulling, non-recall, nervous behaviour, chewing, separation anxiety, biting, nipping, and excessive barking to name just a few.

Nick is a 'hands on' trainer that will lead you through the steps required to achieve harmony between you and your dog regardless of the current situation.

Nick writes for Dogs Monthly as a behaviour expert, can be heard on BBC radio in response to current news stories, and is the group dog behaviourist to the Just for Pets group of pet stores. Nick also holds the prestigious position of a 'Master Dog Trainer' with the Guild of Dog Trainers.

Visit me at www.alphadogbehaviour.co.uk for testimonials and more details.
Or view my blog at www.alphadogbehaviour.blogspot.com
Exciting dog behaviour DVD's can be viewed here: Alpha Dog Productions

As well as being an independently run company, I am a full member to the CFBA, which allows me to carry out behaviour modification under your insurance policy should you be covered for such work...more details on my Insurance page online.

Meet Our Dogs...

  • Pip

    Border Terrier
    11 year old Bitch
  • Max

    Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
    7 year old Dog