Spread The Word

At the moment, we're really relying on as many users as possible to populate the main content of the site. In turn, you'll help us build this into what we've known it can be developed into all along, that is the world's best online dog community.

This means we need as many of you Sniffas as posible to tell as many 'doggy' people as possible about our adventure. Good old fashioned word of mouth is the key to enabling us to organically grow this web community of ours. We won't pass on any emails addresses and they (or you) won't receive any spam from us either.

If you think you know someone please do let them know here. We're sure that little favours will be rewarded somewhere down the line and with all the products and services we're looking to offer, who knows what we might send you as a thank you in the not too distant future.

What goes around comes around, as they say.


Thanks a million users . . . (that's our long term global goal anyway).

The Sniffa Team